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About us

We are Ruth and Adrian Sharville, currently residents of Chepstow, South Wales, but previously between us of South Devon, Staines, Liverpool, London and the Shetland Islands.

Why have a website?

We have taken the step of launching our own website for two main reasons. One is that we have many family, friends and acquaintances in Britain and around the world whom we see all too rarely, who like to know what we're up to.

The other is that Ruth has for too many years been researching the work of the church architect George Fellowes Prynne, and she decided the best way to get the information available was not to produce an expensive book but to put it on a website. The book may yet follow - especially if feedback from users of the site suggests it's a good idea.


  • adrian [at] sharville [dot] org [dot] uk
  • ruth [at] sharville [dot] org [dot] uk

Ruth & Adrian

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